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Safe cycling practices when out and about

Cycling is a great opportunity to promote your health and to spend time with others. The following recommendations will ensure your cycling outing is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

How do I find the trail?

The entire Kaiser Bike Tour route has been signposted with dedicated posters.

  • Cycle helmet
  • Weather appropriate, comfortable cycling clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun protection
  • Wind/rain gear
  • Cycling gloves
  • Rucksack with water bottle and food and drink (if required)
  • First aid kit
  • Service/repair equipment (optional)
  • Bike map
  • Route description and information material (GPX track)
  • ID, insurance card, cash
Bike rentals and workshops:

Bike rental, bike servicing stations & bike schools in the Kufsteinerland region

Bike rental and bike servicing in the Kaiserwinkl area

Bike and mountain bike rental in the St. Johann in Tirol region

Bike rental & bike workshops in the Wilder Kaiser region

Bike friendly accomodations:

Kufsteinerland tourist board

Kaiserwinkl tourist board

Kitzbüheler Alpen tourist board – St. Johann in Tirol

Tourist board Wilder Kaiser

Rules of conduct:
  1. Bike healthy
  2. Plan carefully
  3. Only cycle on suitable and official cycle trails
  4. Check your bike
  5. Have all the equipment
  6. Always wear a helmet
  7. Pedestrians have right of way
  8. Control your pace
  9. Leave no trace
  10. Respect animals

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